Thursday letters: End practice of killing animals

03/21/2014 12:00 AM

03/20/2014 9:19 PM

According to the No Kill Advocacy Center (, three million dogs and cats are killed in U.S. shelters annually. These animals are routinely marched from the front counter to the kill room and then into garbage bags. This completely unacceptable mass murder of innocent animals occurs year after year under the guise of sound public policy.

Astoundingly, in the same year that these three million pets are killed, 23.5 million Americans add a new dog or cat to their household. America does not have a pet overpopulation problem but a flawed public policy of killing shelter pets for convenience instead of working to have them adopted.

In contrast to the “adopt some and kill the rest” form of animal sheltering common in South Carolina, no-kill shelters promoted by the advocacy center are saving upwards of 99 percent of all animals entrusted to their care. Achieving a no-kill policy requires replacing the traditional, passive model of animal sheltering, heavily weighted toward convenience killing, with a proactive, can-do attitude that rejects killing.

A model bill, the Companion Animal Protection Act, would make it illegal for a shelter to kill an animal if a rescue group or a no-kill shelter is willing to save that animal.

It is long past time that concerned citizens demanded their state legislators act to greatly curtail and eventually end this ghastly and completely unnecessary practice by introducing and enacting this legislation in South Carolina.

J. Marshall Lawson


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