Thursday letters: Cruz has what it takes to lead U.S.

04/03/2014 12:00 AM

04/02/2014 5:36 PM

I was able to meet and listen closely to Sen. Ted Cruz, the fiery Republican from Texas, at Princeton University reunions in June. I was impressed with him as a man, a legal scholar and a passionate American.

The format of the talk was a challenging Q&A via political professor Robert George, who injected unrehearsed audience questions. No speechwriters, no teleprompters, no spin.

Mr. Cruz’s resounding message: The future of the conservative movement and the Republican Party require fearless and committed Americans to come forward with more passion and vigor than the increasingly angled slippery slope of liberalism.

As a top honors Princeton and Harvard Law School graduate, Sen. Cruz clearly has the brains to lead America, unlike Rick Perry, Chris Christie and others nowhere close to his brainpower. As a champion debater and constitutional expert, Mr. Cruz clearly has the judicial brawn to lead America, akin to Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and other disciplined scholars.

Ted Cruz tells it like it is in a most resonating and educating way. He translated complex political, economic and international quandaries into simple concepts that every American could act upon.

This razor-sharp Texan came across as an honest, conservative American brave enough to revive the Republican Party, help stand up to and defeat Bill (a.k.a. Hillary) Clinton in 2016 and explain to voters that “the next president of the United States should be the candidate who is truly leading the most” –– and not merely the next politician in line for the proverbial gold watch.

Baron Hanson


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