Thursday letters: Not expanding Medicaid hurts

04/10/2014 12:00 AM

04/09/2014 7:20 PM

There are those who think the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea and Gov. Nikki Haley is to be congratulated for refusing Medicaid money. These people feel that the other guy should buy his health insurance like they do.

If you and your partner are bringing home $50,000 per year and already buy health insurance, that is great.

But think about what would happen if one of you became unemployed. Family income is halved. Now you make too much to qualify for medical help from the state, and you also don’t qualify for a subsidy.

The Affordable Care Act is based on the assumption that a state accepts federal funds to expand Medicaid; you are not making enough to qualify for federal help since supposedly the state will help you. You fall in that middle ground. Therefore the cheapest silver policy will cost you hundreds of dollars per month.

You are now the other guy. What do you think of our governor now? Think about it when you vote in the next election.

Sandra Martin


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