Thursday letters: Auto insurance is an attack on liberty

04/10/2014 12:00 AM

04/09/2014 7:21 PM

The bill that would allow S.C. drivers to use smart phones and others devices to show proof of automobile insurance not only strikes another chord of disconnect between Republicans and conservatives; it also exposes the latent hypocrisy that always will exist when politics is about parties and not ideology.

One must only run right of Obamacare to wear the red jersey. For if mandated automotive insurance exists for the common good of all drivers and the burden of proof rests upon the taxpayer, on what grounds does our Legislature object to the Affordable Care Act? Is it reasonable to believe that any more than a tiny fraction of our society can function without access to an automobile? And do we not all pay a little more to cover the uninsured, and do the younger drivers not pay more because of statistical data rather than their own unique ability as individuals to operate a car in a safe manner?

While the Republican answer may be to ease my burden of proof, the only conservative answer is to eliminate it altogether. The relationship between Republicans and conservatives will continue to deteriorate until liberty is recognized as an absolute, and not as a political position right of left. Until risk and personal responsibility are again recognized as attributes of freedom, our only destination is socialism.

And until government is again recognized only as a necessity to guard one man’s liberty from another, it will be the vessel that takes us there, no matter who’s driving.

Brad Smith

Rock Hill

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