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April 13, 2014

Sunday letters: Is ballpark city’s latest loser?

Columbia lost on Air South — not enough travelers to support it.

Columbia lost on Air South — not enough travelers to support it.

The investors lost on the hockey team when the Inferno burned out — it wasn’t a native sport, and its novelty wore off.

The city lost the Capital City Bombers; the venture was not economically sound here.

The city is losing money on the ice rink on Main Street (“Ice rink skating on red ink again,” April 2). It lost its novelty and support and lost more money this past season than in the previous year. Admittedly, it isn’t necessarily meant to be a money generator.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Dr. Einstein is generally considered a highly intelligent man, though not a council member.

I have read both pro and relatively con positions on Columbia’s funding of the infrastructure of the Bull Street Development and much of the ballpark construction as well.

If the ballpark is such a lucrative gem, why do not developer Bob Hughes and Jason Freier, owner of Hardball Capital, sell shares of their venture to the public? The popularity and success (or lack thereof) of the offering would serve either to raise the needed capital and thereby widely endorse the concept or refute it. Based on the results, the council members and Mayor Benjamin might reconsider their premises.

Jeff Z. Brooker


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