Thursday letters: Anti-religious losing out on life

04/24/2014 12:00 AM

04/23/2014 7:34 PM

When I read letters about religion in schools, creationism, the Big Bang and the like, it saddens me that the anti-religious can only argue, “Show me the proof.” I feel sorry for them, and especially their children, if they have any, for they will have to find answers on their own.

It is a shame that these doubters never will be able to look at the majesty of the mountains, the ocean’s vast expanse, the colors of autumn, the mesas and gorges, the mighty rivers and even the incredible complexity of the human body and see that someone far greater than ourselves has given us everything we know and see. Lack of evidence? It’s all around us.

I don’t propose that we teach religion in science class; they are separate and distinct. But there is nothing wrong with offering courses about faith to those who choose to learn that there is more to life than what you can touch or feel or see. Those who argue that there is only science are the willfully ignorant. Who are they to say that a day to God is not a billion years to us, or more, since he has always been there? They should thank him every day for life itself.

Hubert Smoak


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