Friday letters: It’s natural to care for others

04/25/2014 12:01 AM

04/25/2014 12:02 AM

Jeffrey Koob raises valid questions in his March 28 letter, “Remember to love thy neighbor.” And it’s not even necessary to make that request in a Christian light — or from the perspective of any other specific religion.

Care for each other should be a basic human instinct. Whenever I hear of Republican opposition to any measure that will aid the less fortunate, I wonder if Republicans ever have any disadvantaged relatives they cannot personally care for? Do any of them know anyone who is not financially stable and who needs help occasionally? Apparently they pick their friends carefully.

But not everyone can be an eminently successful businessman. Who would people hire as employees if that were so? And don’t they want to take care of those employees to keep them working? Sure, if one dies you can hire somebody else, but disrupted work flow and training of a new person will hurt business operation.

Rejoice in your affluence, but know that not everybody in this country can be at your same level. Denying health care so that the poor will die quicker is not really going to help the economy. Some of those people need your products and services. They’re not all a drain on society. They are parents and children and friends and just plain people concerned about other people. Just as everyone should be.

Raymond H. Lancaster


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