Monday letters: Welcome to Clown Town

04/28/2014 12:00 AM

04/26/2014 11:50 AM

I think “Famously Hot” has a derogatory ring to it. I suggest we change the motto of Columbia to “Clowney Town.” The rest of the world will think it is a tribute to our most celebrated athlete, but we can easily drop the “ey” shortly after Jadeveon goes to the NFL.

Then we will be Clown Town, which is exactly what we appear to be:

We have a mayor who pleads with us to be civil, yet when a TV reporter asks him if he has been interviewed by the FBI, he responds “Grow up, Jody.” Was it uncivil for us to know if the mayor is being investigated?

With many of the people we loaned money to help revitalize North Main Street having gone out of business and/or defaulted, we continue to look for other things to fund. A city councilwoman who is an attorney mishandled one loan a couple used to open a business on Gervais Street so badly that Columbia may have to repay it.

We have a former police chief whose retirement the city helped buy only to allow him to return — and then quit. He presented a sympathetic figure until all the lawsuits started and we really found out what kind of person he was. He was rehired by the sheriff, and then a group of geniuses wanted to put the sheriff in charge of the city.

We are told that our water and sewer system is worn-out and needs hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs. We know our roads and bridges are falling apart. Our civil mayor leads us into spending $29 million on a ballpark for someone else to make money.

The list could go on forever.

Stuart Stout


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