Sunday letters: Government not best at helping

04/27/2014 12:00 AM

04/26/2014 12:02 PM

Lexis McNeal can’t be more wrong (“Rich should gladly help the poor,” April 18).

I don’t think anyone — rich or poor — disputes the fact that we all should help each other. We all agree that society improves when people care about one another. Where we differ is in who should do the helping. Why is it assumed that the government is best equipped to dispense such help?

I do not trust the government to spend my money wisely, nor do I think a large bureaucracy is able to make good decisions regarding the distribution of my money. That is why it should be left up to individuals as to where their money is best invested. I also question whether the “help” the government gives is truly helping or hindering those in need. I would guess the latter.

America is ceasing to be the land of the free because the government spends too much time and effort trying to “help.” It’s time the government got out of the business of trying to help and got back to providing sound leadership so that her citizens can get back into the business of caring for one another.

Cindy Boose


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