Monday letters: Students need God’s word

05/05/2014 12:00 AM

05/02/2014 3:54 PM

On April 11, you published two letters suggesting that creationism has no place in our schools.

One writer said we needed to get a biology professor to explain evolution in simple terms so it could be understood. I take his comments to mean that anyone who disagrees with the theory of evolution is ignorant and needs to have it explained so that we dumb folk can understand and accept this evolution lie as he does.

I would much prefer to have this educated biology professor produce facts and not a theory about evolution. People should be able to witness this transformation taking place in all the stages required for a little organism to gradually become a human being. If this is not currently happening, when did it cease to happen, and what stopped it?

God forbid that we accept creation as a truth from God’s holy word. Why not have the Ten Commandments posted in our schools for our children to read? What is wrong with teaching children it is wrong to lie, steal, commit murder and that they should honor their father and mother?

If God and his commandments are allowed in our schools, they might influence our children not to get guns and kill people just to be killing.

Students are being taught that they are from apes, and when they behave like wild apes, the same people supporting that teaching get upset about it.

One day in the near future, all people will see God whether they like it or not.

Ken Laws


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