Tuesday letters: Common Core must be stopped

06/03/2014 10:39 AM

06/03/2014 10:40 AM

In his May 18 column, “Uncommon uproar,” Warren Bolton praises Common Core. He says, “Common Core isn't a federal deal.” Well, neither was the best health care system in the world until Obamacare, which has it on the way to destruction.

Common Core is not yet run by the federal government, but unless things change, it eventually will be. Common Core is driven by federal government money to buy the cooperation of states.

Even without Common Core, public education has been, over the last couple decades, increasingly used to indoctrinate children toward more and more liberal/progressive thought about our country’s history, social issues and on and on.

I haven't even mentioned the insane methods being used to teach math through Common Core, or the whole testing fiasco and data collection. But the feds eventually running our public education system is the primary reason Common Core must be stopped.

For an informative and frightening read about where our public education system stands today and what Common Core really is, I recommend a book Conform.

Tom Stollmaier


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