Friday letters: It’s not racist to enforce rules

06/06/2014 12:00 AM

06/05/2014 7:02 PM

Liberals are now calling it racist for teachers to use the same disciplinary rules for blacks and Hispanics as they do for whites and Asians because so many blacks and Hispanics are getting suspended or expelled from public schools (“The new separate and unequal,” May 14).

Liberals will not even entertain the idea that more blacks and Hispanics are disciplined because they create more problems in school than white and Asian students do, which is the case. Liberals continue to tell blacks and Hispanics that they cannot succeed in the United States because of a widespread white racism that no longer exists. This is despicable. Of course, there is racism and discrimination in the United States today, but it is committed by people of all races.

What do these left-wing activists want, for teachers to suspend a white or Asian student every time they suspend a black or Hispanic student? That's ridiculous. I find these people loathsome who are fanning the fires of hatred amongst black and Hispanic Americans in order to keep up the fiction that most white Americans are racist and that the GOP is a racist organization. This is pure politics, Machiavellian style.

We need leaders who will try to unite our country instead of tearing it apart. Tell the truth to black and Hispanic students, that they need to improve their behavior in class and show respect toward their teachers and principals.

Robert Latta


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