Friday letters: Do Christians admire Putin?

06/20/2014 12:00 AM

06/19/2014 7:02 PM

I couldn’t help but notice two back-to-back letters to the editor in The State on June 13. One was by Winston McCuen (“Secession would free America”) and the other was by Fred Kerr (“Even unpopular speech protected”).

Mr. McCuen tells us how Vladimir Putin is doing such a good job in Europe and Russia (truthfully, that's what he said) that he hopes this wave of Mr. Putin's will jump the pond and come to America.

Thank you, Mr. Kerr, for bringing up the Bill of Rights that protect people like Mr. McCuen, who sounds like he needs to move to Russia and see if he can express himself freely there.

Mr. McCuen calls himself a Christian. Does he understand that Jesus really was a socialist? He gave to the poor, took care of the least of these, and race was not an issue. I try to be a good Christian but fall far short. Jesus will forgive us both.

Molly Nettles


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