Sunday letters: Common Core will aid students

07/06/2014 12:00 AM

07/03/2014 4:24 PM

The responses to his earlier column on Common Core that Warren Bolton quoted in his June 22 follow-up (“Paralyzing effect”) focused mainly on understanding what this new program is and how it works. That’s typical of any new program.

But when a reader writes, “Education belongs to states and parents!!!” he or she may not understand a central tenet of Common Core: to provide teachers from every state the opportunity to collaborate with teachers across the country (that includes teachers from our state) as they develop curricula, materials and assessments linked to high-quality standards. The idea was to replace a patchwork of standards so students from Maine to California eventually will share common educational standards

In plain talk, the standards (a) will result from collaboration and (b) do not dictate how teachers should teach them. The goal is to ensure that a fourth grader in South Carolina is progressing at the same rate as one in California or Michigan or Georgia. That eventually should mean that any student, no matter where he or she lives, has the same chance as any other student of living a fruitful life and winning a job. As one reader told Mr. Bolton: “Refusing to adopt Common Core is refusing to give South Carolina students a fair chance.”

Our governor wants to dump Common Core and institute new standards for the 2015 school year. Why, when the idea is to help all students in our country compete fairly with one another? I hope you will take the time to read “Myths vs. Facts About the Common Core standards” at

Jerry Jewler


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