Friday letters: Don’t devalue the God of the Bible

07/11/2014 12:00 AM

07/10/2014 5:13 PM

Cindi Scoppe’s June 11 column supports her theistic evolution belief by citing “evidence” of evolution in the fossil record and pointing to other Christians voicing the same belief (“My God can do anything he wants — even evolution,” June 11).

There is plenty of support for a sudden catastrophic flood that buried many animals quickly in a sea of mud, creating the fossils; concomitantly, there is no evidence of intermediate species in the fossil record. Fossilized trees, however, stand vertical through “millions of years” of geologic strata, suggesting the strata were comprised of sediment from a sudden flood (a short time). For more information, see and books such as In the Minds of Men: Darwin and the New World Order by Ian T. Taylor.

The most troubling aspect about Ms. Scoppe’s column is that it implies God is a prevaricator, as though he were a parent telling his little ones about Santa Claus. If any error is found on God’s revealed word, then none of it can be taken seriously. Since Ms. Scoppe clings to Jesus’ atoning death on the cross, it is imperative to point out that theistic evolution does not square with the doctrine of the original sin, which is central to the reason Christ became a sacrifice: The Bible is clear that death is the result of Adam’s first sin; death, the curse resulting from that sin, cannot antedate the original sin of Adam.

Ms. Scoppe says the central argument against evolution is that it devalues man. It is a far graver error that we devalue the God of the Bible. My God can do anything he wants … even do what he says he did in the Bible.

Michael Whitaker


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