Tuesday letters: Republicans oppose all things Obama

07/15/2014 12:00 AM

07/14/2014 5:43 PM

Never in my lifetime has the Republican Party been so divisive, obstructionist and downright un-American. The heart of the problem is the hard core of Obama-haters, who would rather see the country go downhill than to see the president succeed. The “birthers” among them have never even conceded that Obama was a legitimate president.

The Republican leadership won’t authorize funding of desperately needed infrastructure maintenance and repair — essential for progress — because it would put people to work, stimulate the economy and make the president look good. They refuse to let the immigration bill passed by the Senate come up for a vote in the House, because it might pass, and that would make the president look good. They are doing everything in their power to kill Obamacare, out of fear that it might succeed and make the president look good. This is knee-jerk reactivity, not vision and leadership.

The Obama-haters are acting like petulant children who can’t have their way. Some of them have even convinced themselves that Obama has committed impeachable offenses. They have earned their party the appellation, “The Party of No.”

Jeffrey C. Koob


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