Thursday letters: Focus should be on real criminals

07/17/2014 12:00 AM

07/16/2014 3:47 PM

Week after week, we see the resources of sheriff’s departments, Homeland Security and other policing agencies being used to bust people selling counterfeit handbags, shoes, jewelry and other items. We have way too many shootings, drug violations, child abuse cases and other serious crimes to be using law enforcement to clean up fake goods.

The claim is that the fake stuff hurts the sales of the real stuff. If you have ever seen these “knock offs” and compared them to the real thing, they are always obviously fake. A person who is going to spend the money for a real Chanel handbag or jewelry or any of the other brands is never going to buy a knock off, and the knock off buyer is never going to buy the real merchandise.

Can we please stop using our law enforcement agencies in this crazy exercise and put them to better use rounding up the real criminals? Lives are at stake with shootings and drug dealing.

Judi Sarvis


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