Thursday letters: Drugs rob people of life options

07/24/2014 12:00 AM

07/23/2014 4:57 PM

The kidnapping of a U.S. citizen here in the South Carolina-North Carolina area by south-of-the-border drug dealers shows how all of us are in jeopardy (“Drug deal gone bad blamed for kidnapping,” July 17). It shows how drug use keeps all of us vulnerable and in the crossfire of these dealers. What is wrong with some of our society?

South Carolina’s own Thomas Ravenel, according to Politico, joked, “if I can just get the drug vote, I can win by a landslide.”

This man’s thinking is off line and at the least wrong, as is that of others who believe illegal drug use is OK. It simply is not. It’s bad for society.

What happened to getting high on life? Why do some among us not get excited about life’s adventures — a new baby being born, a new job, a much-sought-after life achievement, going to baseball games and the many other adventures in life?

Drug use robs people of their life options, their experience of the love of a family and friends and more, which is sad for them and those who happen to live around them.

Jeanette Macchiaverna


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