Sunday letters: We must demand ethics reform

07/27/2014 12:00 AM

07/25/2014 3:25 PM

If S.C. citizens are to have ethics reform, we are going to have to pressure legislators. They are unwilling to do it on their own, as we can see from the last session.

Ethics legislation was introduced early in the session, and at every turn it was weakened, until the House voted unanimously for the remnants of the bill, probably very aware that the Senate would kill it.

What do they fear? Are we governed by dishonest men and women who do not want to be constrained by having an independent body investigate ethical breaches? Are they afraid to disclose sources of income? Are they passing bills that allow sweetheart deals with companies in which they have an interest?

They will not pass any ethics legislation unless the people demand it. We get the government we deserve when we sit idly by and leave them to their own devices. Contact your legislator through and demand action.

Marie Eloise Setser

Public Policy Chair

S.C. American Association of University Women


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