Monday letters: Are inmates really being punished?

08/04/2014 12:00 AM

08/01/2014 6:27 PM

From reading Harrison Cahill’s July 7 story (“Program officers help youths avoid return to jail”), it appears that the Intensive Supervision Services program is a worthy and, evidently, well-run and successful way to help first-time offenders go down a better path. I thank Department of Corrections staff members Steven Little, Ginny Barr and Lorri Bennett for their excellent work.

But a comment from Corrections Director Bryan Stirling has me puzzled: “You are held to a higher standard. That’s why this is harder than being incarcerated, because you can go eat three times a day and kind of do what you want if you don’t want to participate in programs or you don’t want to work.”

So for all others in the penal system, this is the correction/punishment for breaking the law in South Carolina? Three hots and a cot at taxpayers’ expense? Is this correction or punishment or both?

Jenny Mack


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