Monday letters: Black, gay rights not to be compared

08/04/2014 12:00 AM

08/01/2014 6:28 PM

I must challenge Donald L. Fowler’s ridiculous comparison of the denial of black people to intermarry with the denial of gay people to marry (“Marriage equality’s time has come,” June 25). He engages in fallacious reasoning when he equates the two.

Black people were unfairly denied the right to marry based on an inherent color difference and not based on some practiced character deficiency. Gay people are denied the right to marry based on the fact that they violate the standards of the creator and universal moral law, which unfortunately is fading. To compare the two situations makes light of the terrible injustice black people endured.

I am calling on black people in general and black churches specifically to speak out against the terrible injustice of comparing the discrimination against gays to the unjustifiable discrimination they experienced simply because of the color of their skin.

Dr. Fowler, as well as most courts today, misuses the 14th Amendment for his own politically correct agenda. The 14th Amendment was written in the context of giving rights to the black man. It was never meant to give rights to the gays.

If gays want to expand their rights, let them develop consensus through the democratic process and amend the Constitution. But as of now, nothing in the Constitution was meant to protect gay rights, either explicitly or implicitly. And judges do not have a right to read or legislate their own personal morality into the Constitution. Their job is to interpret it and make sure that the original intent of the words are being carried out.

Warren Koestner


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