Thursday letters: Give VA patients a break

08/07/2014 12:00 AM

08/06/2014 7:36 PM

I am sure it is not an easy job being a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or nurse. However, most patients do not have appointments for social calls. The patients are in poor health.

When people are in poor health, they should not be expected to be in their best state of mind. The patients may be frustrated due to their illness, and they may not have time to see anyone other than the doctor; it is natural that they would make every effort during that visit to get the best medical service possible. This may take the form of uncontrollable emotion, again due to an illness, to get the point across.

The patient can not know what to expect from the visit, and that alone can be frustrating. The author of an Aug. 3 letter (“VA medical staff deserves respect”) wrote, “If frustration is to be voiced, then it should be directed at the administration that has allowed this crisis to occur.”

Please have the “administration that has allowed this crisis to occur” present during the appointment time.

Jim Matthews


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