Friday letters: Block immigrant access to aid, jobs

08/08/2014 12:00 AM

08/07/2014 4:38 PM

Immigrant children are being used and abused. Human trafficking for political purposes is still trafficking. How brazen, how wicked, to snatch little children from their dwellings and send them en masse to another land. How traumatic, insensitive, unprecedented. These kids are being blatantly used as chattel to promote a political agenda. How unconscionable, how cowardly. Further, this evil-doing is being clouded by emotions that any needy child can arouse.

But this tragic story does not begin at the Rio Grande border. Look farther south. This child-trafficking surely took weeks of plotting, scheming and organizing. The media need to expose all the players, the faces and the groups behind this immoral operation. The little children seem more adept at crossing the border than investigative reporters. We need the big picture. End game?

Supporting criminal acts and encouraging sin never end well. America spends billions in foreign aid to assist struggling countries. But no nation can be a lifeboat for the world. How do you like “destroy America’s global economy” so far? Remove incentives for these criminals.

Ask state legislators to block immigrant-criminal access to jobs, schooling, housing, cars, banks and state aid. Pray for our leaders to act responsibly, bringing us peace.

Fred F. Kerr

West Columbia

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