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August 11, 2014

Monday letters: Radio ain’t what it used to be

What has happened to radio in Columbia? Who is doing this to us?

What has happened to radio in Columbia? Who is doing this to us?

First, they took Woody Windham and gave him a talk show. Woody is a great disc-jockey, but nobody cares what he thinks.

T.J. McKay is nowhere to be found. What happened to him? He was as good as they come.

The three old men are gone.

They replaced Sean Hannity with Michael Savage. I like them both, but I could have told you Savage wouldn’t sell in Columbia. He spent the first two weeks crowing about being better than Hannity, so now he’s gone — deservedly.

Hannity was banished to a time slot no one hears. Whose brilliant idea was that?

He was replaced by two local guys who seem likeable and sound like they have a lot of fun doing the show but who clearly are limited in terms of institutional knowledge and discussion of policies and politics. And now even they have been replaced by someone named “Augie.” This guy is so boring that every time he opens his mouth, dust comes pouring out.

And it seems like all the music stations are country. I like most country music, because I think it’s funny. My favorite is 94.3 FM (The Dude), but there must be a half dozen others.

The oldies station? It’s now country.

I’ve got news for whatever sharp young radio executive eliminated the only oldies station in Columbia: There are more of us than there are of you, and we want our oldies station back.

William B. DePass Jr.


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