Friday letters: Yes, Obama critics are racists

08/22/2014 12:00 AM

08/21/2014 6:20 PM

Tom Stollmaier is living in denial and needs a stiff dose of reality (“Obama’s critics aren’t racists,” Aug. 7).

I was born and raised in Columbia in a time when Yankees were still despised and blacks were considered contemptible. To say none of this any longer exists in South Carolina is ridiculous.

Being a Democrat in this state has made me fair game to be bombarded by so-called Christians with some of the most foul and asinine comments imaginable. More than once I have heard, “I guess you want a n***** to be president?” Some who claim in one breath not to be racists in the very next use the “N” word as if it means nothing.

President Obama’s so-called failures can be directly attributed to the Republican Party. Republicans have rebuffed his many attempts to unite the country, and their top priority has always been to make Obama a failure.

William M. Taylor


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