Thursday letters: Obama made Iraq mess on his own

09/04/2014 1:59 AM

09/04/2014 2:00 AM

The writer of the Monday letter, “Bush to blame for mess in Iraq,” has joined President Obama in blaming President George W. Bush for the uprising of ISIS. Democrats continue to blame, blame, blame, even after six years of this administration’s missed opportunities to maintain the progress our brave troops had accomplished.

President Bush had a strategy — win the war. President Obama had a strategy — surrender. President Obama promised in numerous campaign speeches to “get out of Iraq,” and he proceeded to do so, against the advice of some military leaders.

In 2007, the Bush administration proposed to send an additional 20,000 U.S. troops to Iraq, in “the surge.” Democrats will never admit that the surge won the war. Had President Obama followed the recommendations of Gen. David Petraeus and other commanders to leave an adequate force to maintain and build upon the peace, the situation most likely would be more promising today.

As for the “Bush lies” about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Democrats had access to the same intelligence that dictated President Bush’s decisions and actions. I would urge the letter writer and others to hear it from the mouths of President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, secretaries of state Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton, congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, presidential hopefuls John Edwards and Howard Dean, and other prominent Democrats. The video can be found by searching for “Democrats confirm Saddam Hussein has WMD.flv” at

Clif Harkey


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