Warren Bolton


Warren Bolton

Bolton: Will small and minority businesses benefit from Richland County’s mammoth building program?

When Richland County leaders urged voters to approve a transportation sales tax in 2012, one selling point was that they would keep as much money as possible in the local economy. Considering the hundreds of millions the county is prepared to spend on improving roads, sidewalks, bike paths and other projects, you’d think that new small businesses would spring up and existing ones would grow. But if the way the first major construction contract that was bid turned out is any indication, small businesses might not get nearly as much work as some have anticipated.

Warren Bolton

Bolton: On this Easter, what will we do with Jesus?

I love the Easter story. It’s a story that many a fiery preacher lean on to drive the end of their sermons and call men and women to repentance. It’s a story that stirs the heart and offers everlasting hope in the most troubled of times. It’s a story that, despite the skeptics and critics, has not withered or faltered or failed over 2,000 years.

Warren Bolton

Bolton: SC State University’s board needs to be beefed up

I’m sure S.C. State University’s 10 board members are good people who are successful in their fields and who want nothing but the best for the college. And, taken individually, there’s nothing wrong with any one of them being a member of the university’s board. But collectively they lack expertise and heft in certain areas — from financial understanding to fundraising — that are critical to the survival of institutions of higher education.

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