Warren Bolton

Warren Bolton


Warren Bolton

Bolton: New growth should mean new tax dollars for Columbia, SC

While Columbia may well need to search for ways to limit the burden on taxpayers while still boosting the general fund, you’ve got to think that at some point in the next few years that task will get a little bit easier. New property taxes generated by what is predicted to be gang-buster growth in the city has to begin rolling in at some point. When it does, there should be less of a need to conjure up ways to bolster the general fund.

Warren Bolton

Bolton: How many deaths have we missed of black men wrongly killed by white officers?

How many black men have been brutalized or killed at the hands of white officers over the years, only to have the reprehensible acts go unreported, unchallenged and uninvestigated? We’ll never know. But a 30-year law enforcement officer who has spent his entire career in South Carolina expressed little surprise about what a video revealed in the shooting death of Walter Scott in North Charleston or other high-profile cases involving the deaths of other black men at the hands of white officers around the country. “Do you know how long this has been going on?” he asked.

Warren Bolton

Bolton: ‘You run, you die’ isn’t effective policing

I’d argue that Walter Scott shouldn’t have even been shot at, let alone shot. North Charleston police Officer Michael Slager had his driver’s license and Mr. Scott had fled, leaving his car — and a passenger — behind. Officer Slager knew who Mr. Scott was; officers could have picked him up another time.

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