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  • Kitzman controversy: No other applicants sought for top DHEC job

    The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control board did not seek applications from anyone to fill the agency director’s job before voting to hire former state insurance chief Eleanor Kitzman, a campaign contributor to Republican Gov. Nikki... 5 minutes ago

  • SC lawmakers wince at family ties in court race

    When S.C. lawmakers cast votes in judicial elections next week, one race pitting the spouse of a lawmaker against a 16-year incumbent will raise questions about how South Carolina chooses its judges. 9 minutes ago

  • Kiawah developers seek help from Legislature to build on barrier island

    Six weeks after the state Supreme Court ruled against them, developers planning high-end homes on a storm-threatened island near Charleston took their case to the state Legislature in another attempt to start the project. 23 minutes ago

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