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May 29, 2014

Coach says Clemson has good shot at Cain Friday

WR Deon Cain will announce decision Friday afternoon.

Speedy WR Deon Cain of Tampa will announce his college choice Friday at 3:00 PM at this school. Cain made his decision from a final five of Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and LSU. Cain’s coach Jayson Roberts said doesn’t know the final decision but he knows Clemson had put itself in good shape.

“Going on my gut feeling I’d say three standout for sure and any of those three I wouldn’t be surprised,” Roberts said. “Clemson is one of those three along with Florida and LSU. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those three end of being who he chooses on Friday.”

Cain visited Clemson earlier this spring and his coach says that left a lasting impression on him. “He got up close to see what Clemson football is all about,” Roberts said. “Probably the thing that jumped out most to him was how the program was set up for the students to succeed academically. It’s mind blowing what they do for the kids and that really stood out to him and his mom.”

Roberts added that the football side of things, particularly from the offensive side, excited Cain as well.

“The track record coach (Jeff) Scott has had with coaching top level athletes at the wide receiver position, his resume speaks for itself. And coach (Chad) Morris, what he does and how he utilizes those playmakers, he hit Deon with some hard, cold stats on what their receivers do in that offense verses how receivers in some of the other schools he was considering, what their production was like over the past couple of years, definitely stood out.”

None of the remaining recruiters involved with Cain visited this week because they have all used up their visits. All are recruiting him as a receiver except for LSU which likes him as a quarterback.

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