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June 3, 2014

McCloud says Cain's commitment not a major influence on him

RB RayRay McCloud has Clemson on his list.

Clemson fans were justifiably excited last week when talented receiver Deon Cain of Tampa committed to the Tigers. Not only was Clemson getting one of Florida's best, they were perhaps enhancing their position with another of that's state's top prospects in RB RayRay McCloud of Tampa.

The immediate reaction was Cain's commitment would have a direct impact on McCloud's thinking. However, McCloud says that's not the case.

"We are best friends and we grew up together but it doesn't," said McCloud who attends a rival high school. "If I end up going there, then I end up going there. It's not because of him. It would be great if we could play together but it is what it is. I wasn't surprised (about the commitment). I actually knew before a lot of people. When he told me I told him that it was a good fit for him."

McCloud has not narrowed his own list which includes offers from Clemson, USC, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, Miami, Ohio State, Southern Cal, UCLA, Michigan, Louisville, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Oregon, Alabama and Missouri. He plans to trim it down this summer.

McCloud talked with his USC recruiter GA Mangus last week. "We were just catching up on things and talked about when I'm coming up there," McCloud said. He talked with his Clemson recruiter Jeff Scott last weekend as well. He said between those two schools with him he's not leaning either way.

McCloud does have schools of primary interest and he will visit them over the summer. Those include Clemson, USC, Florida, Miami, UCLA, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan. Florida State also is a possibility.

McCloud said he has no timetable on a decision. "Whenever it feels right," he said.

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