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November 12, 2009

ACC-SEC rankings

Team Votes Last week

Team Votes Last week

1. Florida (6) 144 1

God bless him, but much more Tim Tebow love and we'll gouge our own eyes

2. Alabama 138 2

Nick Saban sticks up for officials, so of course replay has his back

3. Georgia Tech 130 3

The real risk would have been putting the outcome in their defense's hands

4. LSU 128 4

A more accurate Les Miles nickname, the "Cautious Hatter," doesn't have the same panache

5. Miami 115 6

Division title hopes rest on Duke trumping Georgia Tech. Our condolences.

6. Clemson 114 7

When the Tigers are in the driver's seat, it's time to fasten seat belts and grip the arm rests

7. Virginia Tech 112 5

Now that offense has trickled into the ACC, the Hokies don't appear so dominant

8.Tennessee 93 10

No. 1 in assistant coaching salaries, No. 120 in your hearts

9. Auburn 86 9

Enjoy the final weeks of the honeymoon phase, Gene Chizik. 8-9 wins won't be enough next year

10. (tie) Ole Miss 82 12

It's telling that a banned fight song is the most compelling thing surrounding Rebels football right now

10. (tie) South Carolina 82 8

When Daylight Savings Time ends, the player-coach clashes and season collapse commence

12. Georgia 77 13

The Dawgs are fighting for bowl eligibility? When did Jim Donnan come back?

13. Boston College 72 11

The Eagles and the Brute Sun Bowl are an inevitable match made in Hades

14. Arkansas 68 14

Troy coach may or may not have guaranteed victory Saturday, but here's guaranteeing the Trojans pay the consequences

15. UNC 59 18

(Ryan) Houston, we have a running back problem. As in, there isn't another one.

16. (tie) Florida State 50 15

No Christian Ponder, no bowl game. And probably no more Bobby Bowden.

16. (tie) Wake Forest 50 20

Speaking of farewell tours, shouldn't Riley Skinner be getting rocking chairs at each stop?

18. Duke 48 16

Half of the FBS will play in bowls they care less about, and the Blue Devils will likely be at home. What a shame.

19. Kentucky 46 17

Could go bowling with a 2-6 SEC record. Just saying.

20. Mississippi State 43 19

More cowbells, because they're about to get their bells rung

21. Virginia 22 21

Administration about to put the "go" in Groh

22. N.C. State 20 23

Herb Sendek's teams allowed fewer points per game

23. Maryland 12 22

Prepping for the future 10 games too late

24. Vanderbilt 9 24

C'mon, $30,000 for criticizing officials converts to pennies under the SEC's new TV deal

- Paul Strelow

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