July 30, 2013

After further review, Clowney's big hit was legal

“The Hit” will not lead to “An Ejection,” college football officials have recently decided.

“The Hit” will not lead to “An Ejection” college football officials have recently decided.

Doug Rhoads, the ACC’s coordinator of officials, raised the possibility last week that South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney’s famous tackle in the Outback Bowl would lead to an automatic ejection under new rules taking effect this year that strengthen the penalty for head-to-head contact.

However, Steve Shaw, Rhoads’ counterpart in the SEC, told the Tim Brando radio show on Tuesday that coordinators from college football’s major conferences have since discussed the issue and come to the agreement that no penalty should be called on plays like Clowney’s.

“Steve Shaw on @TimBrando: All the conference head of officials are now on the same page, the Clowney hit was not targeting. It was legal,” show producer Patrick Netherton posted on his Twitter account during Brando’s interview with Shaw.

Clowney was not penalized for the play, which caused a game-changing fumble, and no one had raised the possibility of it being an illegal hit until last week, when Rhoads was asked during ACC meetings.

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