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Cloninger Soundoff: Run game relies on right combination

08/26/2013 10:25 PM

08/26/2013 10:29 PM

We’ve talked a lot about who replaces Marcus Lattimore as a player, and who replaces Marcus Lattimore as a person. The latter may not be answered until season’s end, but the former will be helmed by Mike Davis, at least to start.

I have no doubt that Davis (and Brandon Wilds, et al) can produce.

What I’m curious about is if the system will have to be tweaked to fit them.

The zone-read, Shawn Elliott’s baby, was put in to feature Lattimore’s talents, and he did that very well.

The linemen now are trained and experienced in it, but don’t have Lattimore around to be the feature.

Can Davis do it? He’s got the muscle up top to bulldoze tacklers, but can he be as good as Lattimore was at hitting the hole and making tacklers miss with that first cut?

Wilds and Davis each have production in the system, Wilds more so, although it was during the 2011 season.

I think that Steve Spurrier and Elliott will continue to want to feature the run, as it’s been the bread-and-butter since 2010. It would be foolish not to, since there is no Alshon Jeffery in the receiving ranks to take advantage of.

The system might have to have adjustments, slight or major, now that there is a different running back trying to exploit it.


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