David Cloninger

September 10, 2013

Quick press conference recap

Steve Spurrier held his weekly press conference on Tuesday to preview the Vanderbilt game.

David Cloninger

All things Gamecocks, especially basketball and football

Steve Spurrier held his weekly press conference on Tuesday to preview the Vanderbilt game.

* Cody Waldrop will visit a foot specialist this week. He's very doubtful. Clayton Stadnik should start again.

* There's a chance that Kadetrix Marcus could play on Saturday. He is practicing.

* The Vanderbilt game will feature a special promotion to fight children's cancer. The players will have a helmet sticker and wristbands, while the coaches will wear gold whistles during warm-ups.

* "We had a bad coaching game last game. It starts with me." The Georgia game was a result of not putting guys in the right positions. Bad alignment, bad tackling. Third-down defense was particularly lousy. "We've re-visited what we're doing on third downs."

* With teams running opposite of where Jadeveon Clowney is, USC will try to line up four or five more on the other side and anticipate it. And then just make the tackle.

* "We've got to have some fun playing this game. The way you have fun is to play your assignment."

* "We need to have a little more get-up-and-go. We didn't try to block a field goal." The way the kickoff coverage was was deplorable.

* Youth: "They should improve, if we can coach worth a flip."

* Spurrier credits Jones' work ethic for his improvement. Lost a bit of weight and is one of the quickest guys on the team. "Chance he may be featured a little bit more."

* "We need to make sure we get where we're supposed to be. I believe we can still get pressure." Aaron Murray was flushed a few times, but USC lost contain. And the TD pass was just a bad play.

* Clowney's foot: "He practices OK. I guess it goes back and forth. He's fine now."

* Spurrier on Mike Davis: Hasn't seen a lot of long runs at USC like Davis has done. His speed is something that USC didn't really know about until he out-ran North Carolina.

* The Kirk Botkin-Deke Adams tiff: Spurrier hashed it out with the two assistants. "They know that we're not going to have any more of that." Sharrod Golightly said that USC just has two passionate assistant coaches, and there's no lasting effect.

* Davis says it's up to the coaches for what they want to do with him. Carry for 20 a game, sure. He'll do whatever they ask. Davis is currently leading the SEC with 9.4 yards per carry.

* Golightly on what the defense has talked about since Georgia: "Short memory, and physicality." The Georgia game was alarming, and Golightly admitted USC wasn't ready for it. Most of the problems, though, were alignment and eyes.

* Nick Jones said that he's just trying to keep doing what he's doing. He appreciates that he's making a name for himself instead of just being Marcus Lattimore's friend and teammate.

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