David Cloninger

March 12, 2014

Cloninger Soundoff: Nothing more to say about dust-up

Call Wednesday the end of “Frank-Gate.”

David Cloninger

All things Gamecocks, especially basketball and football

Call Wednesday the end of “Frank-Gate.”

If Duane Notice held anything against coach Frank Martin for cursing him out on TV last week, he had a funny way of showing it. Notice came off the bench for a career-high 23 points, showing off his form from long range and propelling South Carolina into a place it hadn’t been in six years – a second game at the SEC tournament.

I had some comments this week that USC’s players defended their coach because they had to, because what else would they say? I knew better, but the point was proven again Wednesday.

Kids who quit on their coach don’t plunge their 6-foot-2 bodies into a sea of big bodies and 7-footers for layups. Kids who are holding a grudge for being yelled at don’t have the courage to take an outlet pass with 3 seconds on the shot clock and drill a 3-pointer. Kids who are fed up don’t stand on the sideline talking with that same coach, nodding and taking instruction, while playing in a position they don’t feel comfortable.

Everybody had their opinion on what Martin said. Nobody asked the only question that needed to be asked – how did the player feel about it?

Notice answered, for all of the Gamecocks. He can’t wait to talk again Thursday.

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