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Stanford, Day 2

03/28/2014 1:12 AM

03/28/2014 1:13 AM

“Just washin’ and wonderin.’” --------------------------- STROKE 9

FREMONT, Ca. – Spent the day preparing for the rest of the week. Finally got laundry done after I hunted down one of those $5 boxes of detergent, went grocery shopping, walked three and a half miles to get my rental car and paid the first of many homages to the late great Bill Walsh – he spent some time coaching at Washington High School, just up the street.

Dawn Staley meeting with the media schlubs tomorrow morning and I’ll be there, assuming I can navigate the 880 in time. Already got some copy filed on some neat stories that will pop tomorrow and Saturday before the press conferences and practices arrive – North Carolina got here today, I understand.

Be prepared for several Twitpics of Stanford’s campus and facilities – I’ll hit up Maples Pavilion and the football field tomorrow to see where many of my heroes roamed. Walsh coached there, as did Jim Harbaugh, and Joe Montana himself once trod upon the soil at Stanford Stadium (I had to correct that three times to make sure I didn’t write “Sanford Stadium”) to beat Dan Marino in Super Bowl XIX. That’s where Randy Cross uttered the famous line, “Came to see an offense and the wrong one showed up!”

Also hope to stop by Santa Clara, where the team is staying, and take some snaps of Levi’s Stadium. Won’t be the Stick, as nothing could be, but maybe some of the Stick’s magic can be re-channeled into it.

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