Targeting rule will be tweaked for 2014 season

07/16/2014 6:49 PM

07/16/2014 6:55 PM

Since 2014 is an off-year for rules changes in college football, the game will see only tweaks to existing rules.

The most noticeable of those tweaks deals with targeting, according to Steve Shaw, the SEC coordinator of football officials.

A season ago in the first year of the new targeting rule, a 15-yard penalty was assessed even if a replay official overturned a targeting call and disallowed the automatic ejection of the player involved. This year, if the targeting call is overturned, the player will again remain in the game and the 15-yard penalty will be taken away.

Shaw sang the praises of the targeting rule by saying that teams and players adapted to the rule as the 2013 season progressed. He said there were 14 targeting fouls in the first eight weeks of the SEC season and five the remainder of the season.

"I can tell you when I look at video, I see evidence now of players lowering the target, quite frankly times even pulling up on an unnecessary hit so they're not at risk for a targeting foul and disqualification," Shaw said. "I think the rule has done exactly what we wanted it to do. We have to stay with it."

-- Josh Kendall


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