New music primed to pump up Gamecock fans

08/22/2013 2:16 PM

10/24/2013 4:21 PM

The anticipation for the University of South Carolina football season now has a soundtrack, or soundtracks, and a rap video.

As if the fans need to get any more excited about the No.6 ranked Gamecocks, now they have a choice between the country-tinged “The Gamecock Album” by USC alumni Patrick Davis and the rap-influenced Gamecock Mixtape.

The “Ride For My Team” rap video, posted on YouTube Wednesday night, was produced by Dinobrite Productions, the folks behind the “Rock Out (With Your Gamecock Out)” video in 2010 and the new Gamecock Mixtape. With little publicity, “Ride For My Team” had nearly 13,000 listens by noon.

Davis, who makes his living as a song-writer in Nashville, first earned a spot on Gamecock fans’ playlist with his 2011 song “Just a Big Ole Gamecock.” He became friends with USC marketing director Eric Nichols, and they began playing around with the idea of a USC-supported album.

Davis wasn’t sure about it at first. Some school-themed albums he’s heard seem sort of thrown together to make a fast buck.

“I wanted it to be something I could be proud of for the long haul,” Davis said. “I wanted it to be something people can listen to for years.”

“The Gamecock Album” ended up a mix of five school-themed songs and seven of Davis’ non-Gamecock songs. Some of the Gamecock lyrics transcend sports.

“Some folks swore we’d never climb this high. But the best thing in life, they take a little time. And now that we have finally made it here, I think we’re bound to stay for years and years.”

The album is being released Friday, and it’ll be available at,, iTunes and Jewelry Warehouse locations. On game days, it’ll be available at Williams Brice Stadium.

The stadium is an uncredited star in the “Ride For My Team” video, along with George Rogers, Marcus Lattimore and Darius Rucker. Joey Thompson, the video’s co-producer with Fabio Frey, said the Dinobrite team was determined to top their “Rock Out” video. It started with a simple idea.

“We thought, ‘Let’s get George and Marcus to drive off into the sunset in a Ferrari,” he said. “We laughed at that.”

Then they made it work by recruiting a mix of rap performers, former players and regular fans.

“We had ‘Rock Out’ to show as a referral,” Thompson said. “And we sold them with our ambition of trying to make the biggest video ever for the fans.”

The players who bought in ranged from Alex Hawkins from the 1950s to Devonte Holloman from last year’s team. Rappers Big Hurc, Suga Shane, Ali Rah, Diverse and FatRat Da Czar provide the rhymes built around the hook: “I ride for my team. I die for my team. True fans know exactly what I mean.”

Setting up all of the individual shoots was a chore, but the climactic scene when Rogers and Lattimore ride off was nothing but fun.

“George was excited Marcus was there,” Thompson said. “Marcus was excited George was there. Then the Ferrari showed up and everybody lost it.”

Watch until the end of the credits for a bonus moment from Rogers and Lattimore.

The video credits aim fans online to, another Dinobrite effort begun with a $4,000 boost from the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The 10-track album can be downloaded for $10, and a $15 CD version is available.

The mixtape is music that will pump tailgaters’ bass speakers. Davis’ album is more about lyrics and songs. Davis sees a fan market for all kinds of music.

“Every team and every genre of music should be represented,” Davis said. “We all love our team.”


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