Spurrier, Tanner explain pulling TV Show

10/02/2013 10:48 AM

10/03/2013 10:36 PM

South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier asked that his weekly televised “Steve Spurrier Show” be removed from the athletic department website because he felt he was “too negative” toward some coaches and his team’s performance during a 28-25 win over UCF, Spurrier told The State on Wednesday morning.

“I shouldn’t be so negative and I have to come back and say, ‘I shouldn’t have been so negative about our coaches and everything,’ ” Spurrier said.

Spurrier said he asked athletics director Ray Tanner and Liz McMillan -- who works for IMG College, which controls many media rights at the school, including the coach’s show – if the show could be removed from the site, Spurrier said.

“He thought it was a bad production,” Tanner told The State on Tuesday night. “He wasn’t happy with the show, and we took it down. I can’t speak to the (television) part, but he didn’t like it and we took it (off the website).”

Tanner did not see the show, he told The State. The school’s website, GamecocksOnline.com, features archived copies of all the previous Steve Spurrier Shows from this season as part of a subscription pass, but the most recent show was pulled from the site after originally being added.

The show also normally is replayed each Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. on Fox Sports South, but IMG asked Fox Sports South not to show the replay again at the 4:30 Tuesday time slot, according to a source familiar with the matter. The Steve Spurrier Show from the Vanderbilt game aired in that time slot this week. The show aired at 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday on Fox Sports South.

“Liz and Coach Tanner, we decided we didn’t have to show it after the first time,” Spurrier said. “I said, ‘I’m not very happy with all I said on the thing and so forth. Let’s get it off the air.’ They said, ‘We don’t have to show it anymore so I said let’s don’t show it because I have to be more positive.’ ”

The No. 13 Gamecocks beat the Knights 28-25 after nearly losing an 18-point lead, and Spurrier was frustrated in his postgame news conference about the team’s slow finish.

“Man that was a stressful, draining day in Orlando,” he said. “I have coached a lot of games, and we were all drained. You sweat the whole game out there. It got muggy in that second half.”

Spurrier switched from a black shirt to a white shirt at halftime of the game due to the heat and humidity at the stadium.

Questions about Spurrier’s on-air manner during the broadcast have been raised on local and national websites.

Asked if that was due to fatigue, Spurrier said, “I guess so.”

When asked if he was impaired in any way, he said, “I hope not.”

When asked if he had been drinking afterthe game, Spurrier replied, “Whether or not I have a few beers after every game for the past 29 years I don’t think I need to get into all that. Most coaches that I know we probably do have a few beers after ballgames after building up all week and so forth. But that was a draining day and I got too negative. I don’t like being that negative after a victory.”


Below are clips from the show. Click here for a longer version of the show


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