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January 16, 2014

Gamecocks football assistants receive raises, extensions

South Carolina trustees approved pay raises for the Gamecock football assistants Thursday, with Lorenzo Ward, Shawn Elliott and G.A. Mangus receiving the biggest increases in their salaries.

South Carolina trustees approved pay raises for the Gamecock football assistants Thursday that pushes their collective salaries into the top half of the SEC.

With the exception of defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward, all of the assistant coaches had their contacts extended through the 2015 season.

Ward’s three-year deal now extends through the 2016 season.

Steve Spurrier’s nine-coach staff will earn $3.3 million next year, up from $2.74 million. That would rank fifth in the SEC based on 2013 salaries.

“We appreciate the attitude of our Board of Trustees in keeping salaries competitive with the rest of the SEC,” Spurrier said in a statement. “We all hope to coach here many more years.”

Ward received a $100,000 boost to $750,000. He gets $400,00 in base pay and $350,000 from proceeds of contracts with the athletics department.

The $100,000 raise was the second in a row for Ward. He now earns more than his predecessor, Ellis Johnson, did at USC. Johnson was making $700,000 when he left USC in 2012 to take over Southern Mississippi.

Ward also can earn a $10,000 bonus for finishing in the top six of the 14-school SEC in total defense and $20,000 for finishing in the top three. He can get $25,000 if the Gamecocks win an SEC East title and $30,000 for winning the SEC championship.

Other big raises went to Shawn Elliott, co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, and quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus, who each received $100,000 bumps.

Elliott will earn $430,000 next year — $305,000 base salary, $75,000 from department contracts and a $50,000 supplement.

After making the same salary this year, Elliott will earn more than Steve Spurrier Jr., the team’s co-offensive coordinator, recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach.

Spurrier Jr. will receive $380,000 in 2014.

Mangus will make $275,000 next season after getting his first raise in three years.

His raise kicks in July 1, five months after the agreements of other assistants. That’s when his salary freeze ends as part of a settlement of an NCAA investigation into boosters giving extra benefits to USC recruits.

Three other assistants received raises of $70,000-$75,000: Deke Adams, defensive line; Kirk Botkin, linebackers/spurs; and Grady Brown, assistant special teams coord- inator/secondary.

Special teams coordinator Joe Robinson received the smallest raise, $25,000 to $350,000.



... Steve Spurrier (head coach) -- $4 million ($3.3 million last year)

... Deke Adams (defensive line) -- $300,000 ($225,000)

... Kirk Botkin (linebackers/spurs) – $300,000 ($225,000)

... Grady Brown (assistant special teams coordinator/secondary) -- $250,000 ($180,000)

... Shawn Elliott (co-offensive coordinator/offensive line) -- $430,000 ($325,000)

... G.A. Mangus (quarterbacks) -- $275,000 ($175,000)

... Joe Robinson (special teams coordinator) -- $350,000 ($325,000)

... Everette Sands (running backs) -- $250,000 ($215,000)

... Steve Spurrier Jr. (co-offensive coordinator/recruiting coordinator/wide receivers) -- $380,000 ($325,000)

... Lorenzo Ward (defensive coordinator) -- $750,000 ($650,000)

The coaches also can earn bonuses:

• $15,000 for a bowl other than the Capital One Bowl or a College Football Playoff game.
• $20,000 for a bid to the Capital One Bowl
• $30,000 for a College Football Playoff game.

Plus, the assistants will each receive use of a car.

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