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Morning Meeting: In praise of a short week

08/26/2013 8:37 AM

04/24/2014 3:21 PM

    One of the wonderful things about South Carolina opening the season on a Thursday night this and so many seasons it seems is that what is traditionally the longest week of the season is shorter for us.

Anticipation for the Gamecocks season, and college football in general, has reached a peak after nearly a month of preseason camp, and the poor saps in the rest of the country have to wait six more days for football. We’ve only got to wait until Thursday night.

That being said, there is one minor casualty of this short week and the first game week of the season as well – news. Steve Spurrier held his normally weekly news conference yesterday, and what did we learn? Not much. We’ve spent a month talking about everything already. There is an injury update, which we’ve wrapped up nicely for you here.

   So let’s spend a little time in this space, as we will each weekday morning during this season, looking at what’s going on in rest of the country.

Here’s a profile on UNC quarterback Bryn Renner that dovetails nicely with what we will tell you later today in our weekly chat with NFL draft expert Josh Norris. Renner is the kind of the guy who gives “game manager” a good name.

Here’s an interesting look at just how ugly things could get in the Alabama-Virginia Tech opener. Hint: Look away.

    Here’s the seemingly weekly “Hey, that guy took a shot at the SEC. Get him!” story. This time it’s an Oklahoma State offensive lineman who had the audacity to defend himself and his team, but if you hold your head just right and squint, you can read it as bulletin board material.

Florida is worried about melting in its opener, a 12:21 kickoff. I know most of you guys wouldn’t mind that, but it brings up a larger point I have been thinking about all month. It’s been such a mild late summer, that I hope we don’t have a quick heat wave that makes for a dangerous situation early in the season.

ESPN's Brett McMurphy reported yesterday that Rock Hill native Justin Worley has been named Tennessee’s starting quarterback. That news didn't surprise many people, and the talk in Knoxville already has turned to who will the No. 2 when the depth chart is released this week.

Shortly, we will post our weekly chat with Norris of If you read it, I promise you'll be smarter than the person sitting next to you on Thursday night. We've also got a live chat with me at 1 p.m. today so check back often.


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