Josh Kendall

September 19, 2013

Kendall's Morning Meeting: I didn't win the lottery so let's talk about voting Oregon No. 1

I'm probably going to vote Oregon No. 1 over Nick Saban's Alabama team in my next AP poll, and the reason involves the story we wrote about offenses today.

Josh Kendall

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    As you can probably tell because you are reading this, I did not win the $400 million lottery jackpot last night. I will likewise assume since you’re reading it, you didn’t win either.

    While we’re waiting and hoping that the winner knows us and really, really likes us, let’s get about the business of the Morning Meeting. We wrote in today’s paper about the explosion of points in the SEC, and I’m of the belief that this is not an aberration. There’s just going to be more scoring in the conference this year. What does that mean?

    I guess, No. 1, it’ll mean some entertaining games, but let’s look down the road a little bit at what it’s going to mean. I am betting that an offense-heavy SEC is going to add weight to Nick Saban’s “Is this what we want football to be?” argument.  Former South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson, who now works for a fast-offense coach at Auburn, made similar arguments. And, I’ll tell you what, I’m closer and closer to being on their side. That conversation will have to wait until the offseason, though.

    What I think the trend means more immediately is that the SEC’s run of national titles will end this year. Why? The SEC has never been as good at offense as team’s like Oregon. The league separated itself come title time by being able to defend those offenses better than people in other parts of the country. Those days are looking like history now, and, as good as the SEC is playing offense these days, it still doesn’t have anything like what the Ducks are doing this year.

    In fact, don’t tell anyone, but barring any surprises this weekend, I’m moving Oregon from No. 2 on my AP ballot to No. 1 and dropping the Crimson Tide to No. 2.

    Around the SEC:

    If you’ve got a little time read Bruce Feldman’s behind-the-scenes look at Texas A&M’s preparation for the Alabama game.

    Florida and Tennessee are playing this weekend and ESPN’s College GameDay is broadcasting live from the North Dakota State game. That’s about all you need to know about how badly this rivalry, formerly the SEC East title game, has fallen. If you need more evidence, read Pat Dooley’s column here.

    After some late questions about whether Vanderbilt quarterback Ausytn Carta-Samuels would play against South Carolina due to his name coming up in a sexual assault case involving former Commodores, prosecutors now say Carta-Samuels was “misidentified” as being involved.

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