Josh Kendall

October 3, 2013

Kendall's Morning Meeting: Spurrier swearing off the negativity?

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier gave an explanation Wednesday for his decision to pull his TV show and, in the process, pledged to be more positive about his 2013 Gamecocks.

Josh Kendall

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    So, Wednesday’s biggest story clearly was Steve Spurrier’s explanation for why he wanted his weekly coaches show pulled from the air.
    The second-biggest story may be what else Spurrier said in his interview with us about the coaches show. He’s turning over a new leaf. The 2013 Gamecocks need more of a cheerleader than a nitpicker one-third of the way through this season, Spurrier said.
    “Sometimes we need to count our blessings and not always look on the negative side. I’m going to be more positive,” Spurrier told The State. “You tell those people in the press room, when I win, I don’t care how ugly it is, I’m going to be more positive.”
    Spurrier is known for rarely checking his tongue in his evaluation of his team and coaches, and that has been on display several times this season.

    “You can’t browbeat them all the time,” Spurrier said. “You beat on ‘em some then you pump ‘em up. Beat on ‘em. Pump ‘em up. Beat on ‘em. Pump ‘em up. It’s time to pump ‘em up a little bit.”

    The Gamecocks face Kentucky on Saturday so we’ll see if Spurrier can stick to his rose-colored guns if things don’t go great against the Wildcats. Also, notice Spurrier only promised to be more positive after victories. If South Carolina loses one of these next four games, look out.

    “We have some corrections to do, we know that, but we are still 3-1. Right now, we’ve got a chance to hit every goal that is out there,” Spurrier said.

    No, I haven’t forgotten about the fact that senior quarterback Connor Shaw was officially named the starter on Wednesday night after sprained his shoulder last week. I think, at this point, we all expected Shaw to be back barring amputation.

    Around the SEC:

    The biggest non-Gamecock story of the day happened in Alabama when Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban announced the indefinite suspension of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, maybe the best defensive back in the SEC. Indefinite could mean a day or a month, so I’ll be interested to see how committed Saban is to disciplining one of his most effective defensive players.

    Looking for reasons to get excited about Tennessee upsetting Georgia? The Volunteers have two longtime former Bulldog coaches on their defensive staff. I doubt it’ll make a difference, but it’s something to hang your hat on, I suppose.
    Another SEC coach addressed rumors he might get a call from Southern Cal, and this one I can understand. Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin said, “I don’t approach it. I don’t talk about it. It’s going to be talked about no matter what. If they’re not talking about you at all, there’s probably some other issues. That’s always going to be the case, I hope. It means you’re winning that you’re winning the right way and doing things that are helpful. From my standpoint, it’s not a job to manage. I just don’t approach it.” As regular readers of the Morning Meeting know, I am skeptical that Vanderbilt’s James Franklin is a good candidate. Sumlin, I get though, and for South Carolina fans who are about to start a yearly rivalry with the Aggies, you better start rooting for the other USC to get that guy out of College Station, Texas.

    And, finally, I’ll pass along this story, which is kind of collaboration of a lot of other stories and some very interesting new reporting, on Steve Spurrier. I have skimmed it, and I’ll say it looks fascinating. I’ll also say it’s not all positive, so don’t expect an homage if you click here.


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