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Kendall's Morning Meeting: Don't let Finebaum get under your skin

10/10/2013 8:11 AM

04/08/2015 4:19 PM

    Paul Finebaum was an excellent journalist. He is an excellent analyst and television personality.
    Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about something. Finebaum, as I’m guessing you know, has twice this week said unfavorable things about South Carolina’s football team. More recently, he went on 560-AM The Team in Columbia and said this: “There is this entitlement that I have seen from Gamecock fans. A couple of 11-win seasons and they think they are Alabama or Georgia and they are not. The fans there have really been expecting too much. They just all need to chill out a little bit.”
    And this: “I think the issue still remains. You can’t just put a bunch of paint over a decaying situation. I didn’t really buy anything I heard yesterday.”
    And other things.
    And you guys were livid. My Twitter page lit up as much as it has all season just about those comments. Within five hours of us posting a short story about the comments, nearly as many of read that story as read the game story from the Kentucky game. In what has been one of the newsiest weeks in the football team’s history, stories about Finebaum were two of our seven most-read since Saturday.
    Stop it. This may seem counterintuitive, but the more it bothers you what Finebaum says, the less you should show it. I meant what I said in those first two sentences about Finebaum. He’s a very intelligent guy who’s very good at his job, and part of that job is getting a rise out of folks.
    The Gamecocks have won 26 games and lost 5 since the start of the 2011 season. Take Tommy Suggs’ advice, which is, to paraphrase, “Enjoy it, and wear it well.”
    Earlier this week Finebaum called Clowney a “clown.” Clowney was asked about that Tuesday.
    “He can say what he wants,” Clowney said. “That doesn’t bother me.”
    It shouldn’t bother you guys either.

    Around the SEC:

    It feels like forever since we’ve heard any news about Texas A&M. They are still in the SEC right? The Aggies recently lost a starting defensive lineman for the season, which will be a blow for the worst defense in a league that has played some really bad defense this year.
    Band Fight! The Tennessee marching band director has released a statement to the media about how upset he is with athletic director Dave Hart.

    How will new Florida quarterback Tyler Murphy handle the SEC’s marquee game this weekend? LSU is hoping poorly.


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