Josh Kendall

November 18, 2013

Kendall's Morning Meeting: The plays that changed a season

The miracle in Auburn is not the only play that has kept South Carolina's season on track this year. There are a handful of others that are responsible for keeping Atlanta in the picture.

Josh Kendall

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    If you didn’t see it Saturday, you’ve seen it by now – the play that saved South Carolina’s SEC East hopes.

    If you still haven’t seen it, we’ll pause while you watch here. That’s how close the Gamecocks came to having no shot at a division title. Now, thanks to one of the most unlikely plays in the SEC history, South Carolina sits one Missouri loss away from Atlanta.

    And it’s not just that play. Think of all the moments on which this season has turned. Connor Shaw to Bruce Ellington on fourth down in the overtime against Missouri. A missed 24-yard field goal by the Tigers. Heck, any of a half dozen plays against Missouri. What about Shamier Jeffery’s onside kick recovery against Kentucky? On the flip side, what if Tennessee’s Marquez North doesn’t make a fantastic catch in the fourth quarter to spark the Volunteers upset win over the Gamecocks?

    South Carolina is 8-2 and sitting pretty right now, but imagine how things might have gone.

    “We are not all that great. I hope y’all know that,” South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said. “We’ve had four or five games that could have gone the other way.”

    Around the SEC:

    Predictably, Mark Richt was asked about how Georgia played the decisive play. He had no qualms with it.

    Here’s a Florida columnist surveying the damage that has been done to the Gators. Remember, it could get worse. Florida State still is on the schedule.

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