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January 11, 2014

All-area volleyball

The best of the best from Midlands area high school volley ball programs. PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Laina Carnes, Lexington


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Laina Carnes, Lexington

OUTSIDE HITTER: Megan Brack, Lexington

333 kills, 161 digs and 65 aces and was selected North-South all-star

OUTSIDE HITTER: Alexis Rudnik, Spring Valley

124 digs, 95 kills, 38 aces, 96.3 service percentage and named All-region and All-state

MIDDLE HITTER: Lynette Collier, White Knoll

Senior was named to All-region team

MIDDLE/OUTSIDE HITTER: Bijonae Jones, Blythewood

Senior was named to All-state team

LIBERO: Jasmine Foster, Spring Valley

265 digs, 20 aces and 92.8 service percentage

SETTER: Laina Carnes, Lexington

All-stater made 151 digs, 194 kills and 64 aces with 1,012 assists


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jasmine Flowers, Chapin

MIDDLE HITTER: Jasmine Flowers, Chapin

Made 144 kills, 169 digs, 35 aces; named All-region and North-South all-star

MIDDLE HITTER: Brooke Clifton, Chapin

111 digs, 193 kills, 27 aces and service percentage of 90; named All-region

OUTSIDE HITTER: Sydney Diaz, River Bluff

Sophomore made 374 digs, 219 kills, 58 aces and was chosen team MVP

OUTSIDE HITTER: Becca Barton, Chapin

275 kills, 145 digs, 52 aces; 85 service percentage; Region player of the year

LIBERO: Natalie Willis, River Bluff

552 digs and 24 aces; was named to All-region team

SETTER: Katie Lass, Chapin

Junior made 104 kills, 24 digs, 29 aces, 913 assists; 95 service percentage


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Jenna Williams, Gilbert

MIDDLE HITTER: Caitlyn Sheppard, Gilbert

227 kills, 27 blocks, 63 digs and 28 aces; All-state and region player of the year

MIDDLE HITTER: Brittany Long, Batesburg-Leesville

141 kills 47 digs, 19 aces; 88.6 service percentage; All-region

MIDDLE HITTER: Ashley King, Pelion

119 kills, 83 digs and 46 aces; named to All-region team

OUTSIDE HITTER: Maddison Aaron, Pelion

69 digs, 58 kills, 17 aces, 88 service percentage

OUTSIDE HITTER: Paige Widmer, Pelion

40 kills, 43 digs, and 28 aces with 88 service percentage

OUTSIDE HITTER: Cambey Reap, Batesburg-Leesville

123 digs, 107 kills, 36 aces and 43 assists; named All-region team

SETTER: Jenna Williams, Gilbert

436 assists, 53 digs, 21 aces; 100% service average; All-region, North South all-star

LIBERO: Tacoria Adams, Batesburg-Leesville

108 digs, 37 kills, 43 aces, service percentage of 95


PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Savanna Haynes, Cardinal Newman

MIDDLE HITTER: Savanna Haynes, Cardinal Newman

114 digs, 148 kills, 61 blocks and 50 aces; region player of the year

MIDDLE HITTER: Claire Edwards, Cardinal Newman

Sophomore was named All-region and North-South all-star

OUTSIDE HITTER: Lauren Deyling, Cardinal Newman

Senior posted 96 kills, 22 blocks and an 88.7 service percentage

SETTER: Nicki Regan, Cardinal Newman

372 assists, 52 aces and a 91.7 service percentage; All-region team

LIBERO: Kendall Watson, Cardinal Newman

Freshman led team with 172 digs and 62 aces; All-region and North South all-star

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