All-area cross country

01/11/2014 9:52 PM

01/11/2014 9:56 PM



Zack Langston, Lexington

Senior won state championship with time of 15:27.57

Michael Lentz, Blythewood

Senior finished in 15:58.72 to place sixth in state

Jack Timmerman, Spring Valley

Senior placed ninth in state with 16:11.69 finish

Paolo Milan, Ridge View

Senior finished 20th in state with time of 16:35.65

Ben Garrett, Spring Valley

Sophomore posted time of 16:42.74 to place 24th in state

Jonathan Clymer, Spring Valley

Senior finished 29th in state with time of 16:47.85

Bryan Grumbach, White Knoll

Junior placed 31st in state with 16:51.88 finish


Tony Morales, River Bluff

Won silver at state with time of 15:25.87

Ereck Lewis, Westwood

Junior placed 16th in state with 16:36.27 finish

Kenneth Yarborough, Airport

Sophomore finished 34th in state with 17:21.85 time

Kelvin Rosemond, Westwood

Senior placed 42nd in state with 17:35.77

Evan Hanner, Dreher

Freshman finished in 17:48.40, placing 58th in state

Caleb Wilson, Westwood

Freshman placed second in state with a 17:52.42 time

Chris Lyles, A.C. Flora

Senor finished with time of 17:53.80 to place 67th in state


Aubrey Hite, Pelion

Placed 10th in state with time of 17:06.09

Hudson Martin, Pelion

Sophomore finished in 17:12.79 to place 14th in state

Roman Garcia, Pelion

16th in state with 17:39.95 finish

Jesse Corder, Pelion

Sophomore finished 42nd in state with time of 18:05.09

Mark Kneece, Pelion

Freshman placed 50th in state with 18:24.06 finish

Terry Jackson, Eau Claire

Senior finished in 18:45.96 to place 61st in state

Trice James, Pelion

Senior placed 66th in state with time of 18:52.04


Bristow Richards, Hammond

Junior fifth in state with 16:55.12 finish

Tyler Mitchell, Ben Lippen

Juniro ninth in state with time of 17:16.24

Caleb Higdon, Hammond

Freshman 14th in state with time of 18:01.58

Evan Mikula, Cardinal Newman

Senior 18th in state with 18:14.17 finish

Cooper Black, Hammond

Freshman ran 18:18.58 finish to be 19th in state

Robert Dixon, Hammond

Senior had time of 18:26.06

Bennette Egan, Cardinal Newman

Eighth-grader finished in 18:45.69



Lauren Henderson, Irmo

Seventh-grader won bronze at state with 18:20.47 finish

Anna Johnson, Dutch Fork

Junior placed fourth in state in 18:21.86

Claudia Cannon, Spring Valley

Freshman placed eighth in state in 18:52.63

Hope Whisman, Dutch Fork

Senior placed 17th in state in 19:22.50

Kaitlyn Keene, Lexington

Senior placed 19th in state with 19:27.51 finish

Shauntel Smullen, Spring Valley

Senior finished in 19:45.53 to place 29th in state

Shamia Thompson, Irmo

Junior placed 40th in state with time of 20:07.25


Susannah Cate, A.C. Flora

Sophomore won state championship with 18:29.66 finish

Alexa Golbus, Chapin

Sophomore placed 10th in state with time of 19:50.20

Meredith Ussery, Chapin

Eighth-grader finished in 19:56.20 to place 20th in state

Katelin Killman, River Bluff

Junior placed 21st in state with 19:56.48 finish

Ashley Graham, Chapin

Senior placed 27th in state with time of 20:06.03

Savannah Bass, Dreher

Junior finished 33rd in state with time of 20:21.57

Haylee Love, River Bluff

Junior finished in 20:32.16 to place 35th in state


Antoinette Fulton, Pelion

Sophomore won silver in state with time of 19:35.74

Paige Driggers, Pelion

Seventh grader placed fifth in state with time of 19:52.23

Miyonta Mavins, Pelion

Senior finished 13th in state with time of 20:23.21

Paige Kaiser, Batesburg-Leesville

Eighth-grader placed 18th in state with 20:45.52 finish

Samantha Bullock, Pelion

Sophomore finished 19th in state with 20:45.96 time

Madison Hill, Pelion

Junior placed 23rd in state with 20:51 finish

Ashlyn McEwin, Batesburg-Leesville

Freshman finished with time of 21:59.77 to place 47th in state


Sydney Ellen, Heathwood Hall

Junior won state championship with 18:46.59 finish

Molly Joseph, Heathwood Hall

Seventh-grader won bronze at state with time of 19:04.55

Harriet Rogers, Heathwood Hall

Junior finished sixth in state with time of 19:38.60

Mary Beth Payne, Hammond

Eighth-grader finished 12th in state with 20:07.50 time

Kate Nassab, Heathwood Hall

Eighth-grader placed 15th in state with 20:45.73 finish

Emily Letts, Ben Lippen

Freshman finished in 21 minutes to place 19th in state

Caroline Gasser, Cardinal Newman

Senior placed 21st in state with 21:11 finish

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