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August 20, 2014

Elite 11: Tyler Frazier’s big hits are making noise for Spring Valley

When he first made the junior varsity football team at Spring Valley, it was clear Tyler Frazier was a hitter.

When he first made the junior varsity football team at Spring Valley, it was clear Tyler Frazier was a hitter.

Now, at 6-foot-2 and 184 pounds, the senior free safety hopes to raise his college recruiting stock with a strong senior season.

“He’s just a raw talent,” former Spring Valley coach Miles Aldridge said. “As a young player, he was a really good tackler and a hitter. It was the first things we noticed about him.”

Added defensive coordinator Mike Harrell: “He was on the B-team and he was hitting everybody, and we looked forward to getting to work with him, because we saw that potential.”

Aldridge, who has moved on to a new program out-of-state, said Frazier’s talent made it clear that extra work and extra weight would make him a force to be reckoned with.

“(The coaches) taught me the fundamentals of tackling, but I did just have an instinct to hit a guy and get them on the ground as fast and as hard as I can,” Frazier said.

“When I first got to high school and started playing football, I just wanted to do it because my friends were playing. I don’t know what got into me, I just discovered that I liked hitting people.”

Quiet and unassuming, Frazier’s talk is not as big as his hits. He knows he has work to do to reach the potential his coaches are talking about.

“I’ve really been working to improve my speed, because I know that’s something that’s been holding me back with schools.”

Programs such as Elon and Coastal Carolina are interested, but Frazier is looking to get offers throughout this coming season.

“It’s a great feeling that I can possibly have the chance to have a free education, but I know it’s still a long season,” he said. Not having his college decision sewn up “shows that I haven’t been able to prove myself yet, so I have to go out there and show colleges that they are missing out.”

His coaches believe he can be a big hit this season.

New Spring Valley coach Jerry Brown has not had time to get to know Frazier yet, but Brown already can see that Frazier will be a big part of the Vikings’ defense. With Brown’s alterations to the defense, Frazier could get a lot more time to shine in his senior season.

“With the changes, the new terminology, he’s handled it well, and he’s really been a leader with that,” Harrell said.

More than that, Frazier is likely to be in one-on-one coverage a lot more often, “And that is when people are really going to start to pay attention,” Harrell said. “He’s going to have the opportunity for more interceptions this season.

“On signing day, he can definitely be signing a college scholarship if he wants to be.”

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