Ron Morris

Ron Morris

Morris: ACC making gains in football, but SEC still on top

ACC FOOTBALL IS not likely to catch the SEC anytime soon. Neither, for that matter, will the Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-12 conferences. When your league wins seven consecutive national championships – as the SEC did from 2006 to 2012 – you earn the right to crow about your supremacy for a long, long time.

Ron Morris

Morris: Winning never gets old for Head Ball Coach

STEVE SPURRIER should clear room on his trophy mantle for his latest, perhaps greatest, accomplishment. Somewhere beside the recognition for winning the 1996 college football national championship and those seven SEC titles, there needs to be acknowledgment of being a head coach at age 70.

Ron Morris

Ron Morris: How USC got Staley

Basketball hall of famer Dawn Staley left a coaching job in her hometown to take the helm of a Gamecock basketball program she would eventually lead to this season’s Final Four. Here’s how it unfolded.


Pigskin Poets 2016

The annual event on Friday provided young boys and girls a chance to hear readings from South Carolina football players, and an opportunity for autographs and socializing.
Pigskin Poets 2016 1:36

Pigskin Poets 2016

Boaters honor soldiers killed at Chapin bar 1:47

Boaters honor soldiers killed at Chapin bar

Drill Sergeant honored at Fort Jackson Memorial 1:26

Drill Sergeant honored at Fort Jackson Memorial

Why I'm a Cop 1:21

Why I'm a Cop