Friday, October 12, 2012
Gates: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Buildings: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Midway: 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

PEPSI Grandstand ::
.: Hot Chelle Rae with Allstar Weekend
7:00 PM
$20 - Online Purchase Includes Gate Admission

Special Days & Events ::
.: BI-LO Day

Gate Admission ::
.: During the Fair
Adult & Youth (ages 6 - 54) $10
Senior (age 55+) $7
Child (age 2 - 5) $2
Child (under 2) - Free

Active & Retired Military & Dependents w/proper Military photo ID - Free
Girl Scouts in Official Tunic, Sash, or Vest & Membership Pin - Free
Girl Scout Leaders in Official GS Shirt & Membership Pin - Free

Deals ::
.: Lunch Deal
12 Noon - 2:00 PM
Enter the Fair with a deposit of $5.00 (cash only) and receive a "Lunch Deal Coupon". Purchase and enjoy your lunch of great fair food; then exit the fair gate prior to 2:00 PM to claim your $5 deposit with the "Lunch Deal Coupon". FREE PARKING in all fair lots!

.: POP Ride Day
Pay-One-Price and ride all day for $25

.: FREE Parking
Each and every day of the Fair in all Fair parking lots. Radio 1610AM will broadcast (October 10-21) within an approximate three-mile radius of the fairgrounds. Tune in for traffic conditions, weather, accidents on major roadways leading to fairgrounds, emergencies, closings, and any other occurrence that may affect your travel and arrival at the fairgrounds.

.: Midway Express Access Pass
Go to the front of the line with the Midway Express Access Pass! Available for $15 at any NAME Ticket Booth on the fairgrounds. Must be used in conjuction with a POP wristband or ride tickets.

Recognitions ::
.: Military Appreciation
In recognition and appreciation for their service to our country and it's citizens, ACTIVE and RETIRED military personnel and their dependents with proper military photo ID will be admitted free the entire 12 days of the fair.

.: Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary 1912-2012
Ruff Building
In recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts in America, admission to the fair will be FREE, every day, to currently registered Girl Scouts wearing the Official Girl Scout TUNIC, SASH, or VEST and MEMBERSHIP PIN. Girl Scout Leaders must wear a Girl Scout SHIRT and MEMBERSHIP PIN. Everyone, of all ages, is invited to join the Girl Scouts in the Ruff Building where they will be showcasing their 100 years of rich heritage! Learn why Girl Scouts is the premier leadership organization for girls with 3.2 million members and nearly 59 million alumnae nationwide! Also learn why they are declaring 2012 as the Year of the Girl. Each day there will be a variety of special displays, activities and “girl-led” events.

.: Showcasing One Eared Cow Glass and Artisans
Ellison Building
One Eared Cow Glass is showcasing their creative talents by filling the Ellison Building with a massive installation of their unique handblown glass art. The Four Seasons, theme of the show, will be depicted through glass objects that relate to specific holidays, climates, colors, and images such as flowers, trees, snow and ice, produce (fruits, gourds, pumpkins, etc.), and even insects that are typically found in South Carolina. The body of work created by the artists is unique and representative of the materials strength and versatility to be used and admired both indoors and out. This exhibit is the largest in scale and the amount of pieces shown at one time by the artists. A must see exhibit for any admirers and collectors of One Eared Cow artwork and a mesmerizing scene for everyone.

Free Shows ::
.: Carl Brunson
WACH Fox 57 Food Tent
Relax and be serenaded by Carl Brunson (a Mullins SC native), variety entertainer, as you enjoy your favorite fair food in a covered hospitality tent. You name it and he can play may find yourself pushing back a table or two to dance!

.: Sea Lion SPLASH!!!
South Gate
A close encounter with some of the most intelligent sea mammals, SEA LIONS!Learn about their habits and watch their inherent comedic behavior as they catch and retrieve objects, balance, handstands, dance, sing and interact with the audience.Educational and entertaining experience for the entire family.

.: Andes Cosmos
Lawn at Moore Building
Andean descendants from the Incas, these talented musicians use an astounding number of instruments (flutes, guitars, drums, pan-drums, hand-held percussion, etc.) to produce the enchanting music of their homeland, Ecuador.

.: Swifty Swine Racing Pigs
Front of Nutt Cattle Arena
These little piggies are busy shaken the bacon at a blazing 15mph…all for an Oreo Cookie!! Watch as Swifty Pig plunges into an 8 foot water tank!

.: Michelles Magic Poodles
WIS Stage
This is a dog gone fun show! A family-oriented, entertaining, and educational trick dog show. You'll see classic dog tricks, poodle magic, a fire safety routine, and dog training tips.

.: Ron Diamond - Hypnotist
WLTX Stage
An amazing hypnotist and accomplished magician and mentalist. Come enjoy this fast paced comedy show.

.: Dennis Lee (Limited Engagement Oct. 10-18)
WIS Stage
Probably one of the best-known and most-loved entertainers at our Fair is Dennis Lee (also known as Denny the Clown). Loyal fans return each year to see and hear him perform.

.: Double Vision
WLTX Stage
Mitchell and Michael take full advantage of the identical twin aspect and you’ll see many routines in their shows that are unique to them. Double your pleasure, double your fun, and experience Double Vision!!

.: Pets Overboard
Rosewoods Lawn
This show is full of family fun and audience interaction. The animal cast are dogs, cats, and rats from animal shelters and resue originations from around the country. The love they have found with their new life shines through each and every show.

.: Divas Through the Decades
A musical tribute to some of the most influential female vocalists in American pop music, featuring songs from the 40’s, through today’s current hits! The show is filled with electrifying vocals, cutting edge choreography, great costume changes, and a high energy performance that is second to none!

Roving the Grounds ::
.: Bandaloni the One-Man-Band
It’s a fantastic ONE-MAN-BAND from Canada. With his custom made drum rig, a leather bound songbook stuffed with classics. Bandaloni is taking the world by storm - one smile at a time.

.: The Mechanical Man
The comedy interaction between "The Mechanical Man" and his audience is incredible. With his robotic moves and comedic timing, you won't believe what he can do!

.: Barney of Mayberry
It's uncanny! A dead ringer of Barney Fife, the bumbling deputy of Mayberry. He looks, walks, talks ("nip it in the bud"), and acts as only Barney can.

.: Statueviva
You thought you saw her move, or didn’t you?? She could be part of an exhibit, or is she?? The Living Statue, Michelle Harrell, brings art to life as she poses in statue form to entertain and perplex patrons of all ages. Her heavenly performance will have you oohing and ahhing as you begin to question whether or not she’s real.

.: Denny the Clown (Limited Engagement Oct. 10-18)
Don't miss this veteran performer who continues to bring many smiles and much laughter to people of all ages.

.: Dale Jones - Juggler Extraordinaire
The worlds only one-armed juggler!!! Using a style he invented where his knees, feet and chin do a lot of the work, Dale delight audeiences with his quick wit and fun-loving enthusiasm.

Daily Attractions ::
.: USA Flag Raising Ceremony
12 Noon - South Gate
Stand proud as we pause each day of the Fair to honor our great country and the men and women who serve in our military.

.: Spunkmeyer Cookies
Moore Building
Fresh-baked, delicious Spunkmeyer cookies on sale (2 for $1) in the Cookie Kitchen. Smells are FREE! Proceeds benefit the SC State Fair Scholarship Fund.

.: Commerford and Sons Petting Zoo
Academic Avenue
A fun, friendly and safe family exhibit with rides, games, and a unique chance to interact with exotic animals. Enjoy pony, elephant & camel rides.

.: Sandscapes
Ellison Building
Art & Entertainment by the ton (75 tons of sand, that is!) Our talented sand artists will turn a pile of sand into a masterpiece! You will have to come more than once to see this work of art take shape.

.: Roadside Market
Cantey Building
Purchase fresh SC grown produce daily from McLeod Farms of McBee SC.

.: SC State Fair Sky Ride
Front of Nutt Cattle Arena
Ride above the crowd for a spectacular and relaxing aerial view of the SC State Fair!

.: Donkey & Mule Show - Abernathy Arena
A 2-day show (Friday & Saturday) sponsored by the SC Donkey & Mule Association.

.: Academic Scholarship Banners
The SC State Fair awards annually $300,000 in scholarships to high school seniors through its Scholarship Program held in early Spring. In honor of current and past scholarship winners, hundreds of banners depicting recipients name and high school are displayed all over the fairgrounds.

.: Cowlina - The Incredible Milking Cow
Cantey Building
Meet Cowlina - The Incredible Milking Cow, a life size, interactive educational tool, allowing children of all ages to learn the art of milking and have fun doing it! Cowlina is a handmade and handpainted fiberglass cow with its own unique appearance. A self-contained pump delivers constant fluid from the udders to the authentic stainless steel milking pail.

Arts & Crafts Demonstrations ::
.: Coming Soon...

Gazebo Art Gallery ::
.: Susan Harkey, Elgin
Cantey Building

Farm Animals at the Fair Today ::
10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Smallstock...Baby Chicks on Ferris Wheel & Baby Ducks on Water Slide. See also, rabbits, chickens, cavies, waterfowl, and wildlife.
Smallstock Building

10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Donkeys & Mules
Abernathy Arena & Horse Barns

10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Swine arriving today
Swine Pens

10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Dairy Cattle
Cattle Barns #1, #2, #3 and Nutt Cattle Arena

Competitive Exhibits Schedule ::
7:30 AM-10:30 AM
Flower - SC Rose Society Show & SC Rose Society Designs exhibits received; Judging at 12 Noon closed to public
Ellison Building

9:00 AM
Dairy Heifer Project - Yearling classes (Jersey, Holstein, Guernsey)
Nutt Cattle Arena

10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Donkey & Mule Show - Day 1 (sponsored by the SC Donkey & Mule Assn.)
Abernathy Arena

11:00 AM
Cattle - Dairy Heifer Project Sale
Nutt Cattle Arena

1:00 PM
Cattle - SC Farm Bureau Federation Dairy Scholarship Orientation
Nutt Cattle Arena

6:00 PM
Cattle - Junior Showmanship Contests
Nutt Cattle Arena